Hi. I'm Andrew Wylie.

I make things from time to time. The 'what' varies, though usually relates to electronics or software. I tend to lean towards the DIY path for projects, with generally good results. I believe that having strong research skills helps, along with a motivation to both learn new things and apply the knowledge. I try to keep my life balanced by staying active, which usually amounts to cycling, climbing, or running/hiking. Though staying in and playing the guitar is also a blast.

Academically, I've completed both an undergraduate and master's degree in computer science. Participating in the cooperative education program and tutoring along the way was also neat. I just loved seeing the shift in thought when a student finally understood the material. During my career I've worked with a varying set of technologies, mostly within the air traffic control, telecommunications, and defense industries. As a result I'd probably label myself a generalist, though if given the chance though I still have a soft spot in my heart for python and javascript :).